About V

Last few years, were game changing years in my life during which I deeply explored areas where my ‘being’ contributed to leading a change. My work life has been progressing gradually while on personal side I felt more clarity and development was needed to understand myself better. Hence, I decided to take some time off  from work based training and stepped forward to invest on myself by enrolling into CTI Leadership Program. The self-discovering experience I went through was phenomenal, triggering considerable changes in me and also redefining normality.

During this journey I also developed a great passion for writing, I was amazed to learn that writing is such a powerful tool in expressing your heart, mind and soul to the world. My blog ‘Enlighten Point’ has a significant resemblance to my life purpose. Human connection is magic and we need this today even more than ever. Through this forum I intend to share my perspectives on everyday life and work situations to help improve connectivity in relationships. My journey has just started and am sure there is more learning coming in this direction.

Big thanks to my wife Preeti, for showing this new learning path, being there always with me and supporting change. Also, thank my daughter, son and the great family like friends am blessed with for their faith and support.

Vijay Sagar

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