One thought on “Why good leaders are also good teachers

  1. Dear Vijay
    It is often missed by leaders that one of theriain responsibility is the growth, learning, and development of their team/s knowledge. It is equally important is the way experience and knwl of the leader is passed on to his/her team.
    These are one of the most important measures a successful Leadership have in mind while they are still part of the structure within an organisation.
    Also it is the responsibility of the BOD to see that leadership programs are part and parcel of their culture and not leaving to happen on its own or at the discretion of the CEO in charge to ensure that they have the right group of candidates to choose from when they need to.
    Not having this system in place is a common challenge that faced many organisations globally.
    The question that any leader should ask themselves
    “What is the legacy that I will leave behind me once I leave?”

    Thank you


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