Dear Shopping Trolley, guess we will meet lesser now!

Isn’t it thrilling to hear the chants at work ‘digital era is here’ and ‘digital is the way forward’ and so on the globe is on the mindset digitally until next new invention humans find. And this is soundly true and proving it’s progress to be doubling, tripling and quadrupling in different work sectors and likewise usage in personal lives too.

Everything is at there at click of button across different devices around you! At times it does feel like movies we grew up with are now a real thing. It feels effortlessly amazing and the convenience factor just gets deeply embedded into our brain and bones.

So why am I talking all this? Well I personally am going through a transition mode moving from tangible ‘touch & feel’ experience to filling the virtual trolley walking around home in pajamas ‘touching & feeling’ one of my electronics friends named laptop, mobile & iPad.

It feels difficult to some extent as being a FMCGineer, our majority of day-to-day work lives revolve around ensuring the shopper/consumer in-the-store are staring and picking our products’ as its blinging out there right on their face and there is no way they could miss it.. cause we all ensured we have multiple facings in place at eye level 🙂

And coming back home after work, I sit down to catch-up with my family over an evening tea. And there comes the electronic friends over the table, I ask my wife “what are you doing” to which I get a reply “ordering groceries and stuff”! While I totally understand her convenience needs and time management choices… but ouch! Didn’t we guys at work just spend hours talking about reaching shopper with that proven planogram and that hot spot display location with killer deal (ok I know there are those e-commerce souls probably thinking am outdated). Ring Ring! Next day morning the delivery comes at your door-step where you super politely get greeted by retailer staff, everything item is neatly placed without use of poly bags.. wow! all looks well-choreographed. Dammm! I so miss that cashier smile and scanning ‘beep’ sounds which I need to let go too gradually.

So, for such onliners’ their family date frequency with the shopping trolley are lesser now I guess. However, there is majority who love this shopping trip and end with a family ice-cream session or debating light-heartedly over the extra items bought than planned. Do I miss it? I do undoubtedly and in-parallel now accept this digital platform as well.

How will I balance it? My long-term perspective is that both platform will remain strong in future, going back to our desk we need to have our discussions on both angles surely regardless of our functions and when at home need to practice digital modes as well for better desk inputs.  Am sure many like me are in transition too and it’s that change acceptance phase we need to flow along to learn better and participate better at work. Where are you in this transition as worker and shopper?

Hope you liked my first article, feedback and blessings always welcome.

Have a great weekend shopping 🙂

One thought on “Dear Shopping Trolley, guess we will meet lesser now!

  1. You’re not outdated…lol. Brick and mortar retail isn’t dead, and planograms and visual merchandising displays are important resources especially for luxury brands that need to combine creative marketing with data analytics. Check out what this company is doing with 3D plangoram design….


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