The One-time Job Description

Hello All,

Following something you like is such a trend these days and it’s the buzz actually counting on your number of followers. So on that ‘follow’ note I began to explore what are some of things which we don’t follow and recently on a mentoring discussion with a colleague I quoted something on ‘job descriptions’

Here I am sharing few perspectives on this rich forum.

While updating our CV’s, we ensure to fill-up every single activity/task in our current jobs to give maximum outlook of our roles and responsibilities. While applying and accepting a job offer we super zoom-in on the job description to ensure we understood it 100% correctly. Interestingly, once we get in full swing of our duties and years began to fly by; do we really care what was mentioned in the job description. Does it matter once you get the job?

As we get into our corporate suits, ready for our circus acts in the office and on-field we so deeply get involved that actually there are many more tasks performed beyond the black and white words you signed into. Frankly, to some extent I feel we also take others’ job description into our daily lives by default because you get the reply ‘that’s the culture here’. On a positive note, that may be alright to some, as it gives satisfaction, broadens learning, provides better control, gives one temporary filling and growth, but potentially too at a good price tag. However, on a not-so-positive note we take a heavy toll on us as we accept the pressure of the job and its mounting tasks. I don’t know how companies track this in the holy annual appraisals? I wish companies’ start this policy of stress meter or work-load meter and as the needle moved from amber to red there’s an alarm to calm you down and look into what exactly are you working on.

May be one day…..

Over-load or under-load, leaders should start reading things better by spending quality time connecting with their team members to understand their lives’ better. Getting to know them beyond their work life is a great start to establishing connection. Hence, if you are leader look into team members deeper than just their performance. I love meeting some of my great mentors and ex-managers who have helped me so much by defining things accurately and making my role so crystal clear. So what happens to the leaders who might also be facing the same? Well try introducing speak-up culture as that’s keeping it real vs kind. If you delivered results whilst leaving office 10pm daily, that’s brilliant your management pats your back. Try leaving for home at 6pm, does the good looking HR manager stand at the entrance to say ‘get back to your seat’? Surely NO. I now value even more what some great people said back in time ‘ leave home on time to succeed better in life’.

I thank CTI Leadership Program, for making me a better leader in life and not just at my workplace. I am no longer obliged to the routine and learned to say NO rightfully when needed. Eventually, everything around you will shape-up to enable your direction. Connection is the greatest bridge when expressed with right intent. People are not towels, you can’t keep squeezing continually to get maximum droplets (TIP: Check out Simon Sinek’s videos). Connect with people better and consistently check-in how are they doing overall. Chances are you will peel their fear better and assure them ‘together we are one and both wheels need to turn simultaneously’. Thanks for reading!


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